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Three Floyds Dark Lord - Blind Taste Test



This is the final episode of the Better Beer Authority - although there is a plan to keep the community going! For the last blind taste test I wanted to do something epic and I think I found it. Beer geeks go nuts for this beer from Three Floyds, which is one of the top breweries in the world. Dark Lord is only sold one day a year and you need to have a ticket to buy it. It has a cult following and is really hard to track down. The Better Beer Authority has a reputation of not always following the crowd. What will they think of this? Is it worth the hassle? Tune in and find out!

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Partial Transcript: "Hi. I'm James Knott and this is the final regular episode of the Better Beer Authority. Today we are drinking a special beer, a hard-to-get beer, a beer geek's beer -- Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout from the Three Floyds Brewing Company in Munster, Indiana.

This is one of the most sought-out beers in the United States. It is only for sale one day a year -- Dark Lord Day. You have to have a ticket with a valid ID to enter the brewery to purchase your bottles. I didn't have that, so I had to trade away half my beer cellar for two bottles -- doh!

Beeradvocate says it is 15% ABV and the brewery describes it like this:

"A demonic Russian Imperial Stout, brewed with Intelligensia coffee, Mexican vanilla and Indian sugar. This beer defies description."

There is a lot of hype with this beer, but unlike most reviews, this review will be blind so we can see if this beer is worthy of the expense and the hassle.

Let the final blind taste test begin."
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