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Oregon: A Craft Beer Road Trip



Oregon is a mecca for craft beer lovers (like yours truly) but what’s the best way to experience it all? An Oregon craft beer road trip! Our Oregon road trip included stops at some of the Pacific Northwest’s most delicious breweries including De Garde Brewing, Sedition Brewing Company, Hair of the Dog and at least a dozen more. We also hit up some of Oregon’s most beautiful scenery like Multnomah Falls and Smith Rock State Park, and – last but by no means least – we had a sloth encounter at Oregon’s Sloth Center, which was a dream come true. We fed, pet and played with sloths. Hello, heaven.

To get a full run-down of this epic Oregon craft beer road trip, check out my detailed post over on the blog: http://thewanderlostway.com/2017/02/01/11-places-to-visit-on-an-oregon-road-trip/


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