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Atomic Brew Pub - A Profile in Washington Brewing



http://www.WashingtonBeer.com This is a short from the series Profiles in Washington Brewing, a production of the Washington Beer Commission.

The Washington Beer Commission is the first of its kind commodity commission in the United States, was formed in 2006, when the Washington State Legislature authorized the creation of the Beer Commission to promote the state's microbreweries.

Washington's breweries, many of them small and family owned, are integral parts of their local communities. When you choose to buy beer brewed in Washington, you support businesses that in turn contribute generously to charitable organizations that support a host of worthy projects in all corners of the state.

"Simply put, Washington produces some of the finest beer in the country and our new Beer Commission will help spread the word about these wonderful products. Our microbrews emphasize quality and flavor, and are a signature product of the Evergreen State. And our renowned hops, barley and wheat are the perfect premium ingredients for the nation's best craft brewers."

Join the community of WAshington Beer Lovers, in celebrating FRESH, LOCAL, AWARD-WINNING craft beer produced in our state. http://www.washingtonbeer.com/wabl/
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